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Our schools are different because they start with different goals.

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The Back Room

Are you committed to helping classical Christian education (CCE) grow for the sake of our culture and the church? Our goal here is to martial resources in support of the quality and availability of CCE, and to spur its growth into a widely known and appreciated category of Christian education.

The Back Room is a speakeasy of sorts, dedicated to the restoration of classical Christian education.

This is a working site for those who believe God is calling them to contribute their time, treasure, or talent to the classical Christian movement in specific ways that align with our vision and development goals.

Our main focus is to advance strategic initiatives involving growth, publicity, standards of excellence, diploma recognition, and other development areas.

As with any respectable speakeasy, the proprietor will let you in.


Phone: (208) 882-6101
Email: [email protected]

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An older way, a better way, a Christian way.

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