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Our goal is to martial resources in support of the quality and availability of classical Christian education, and to spur its growth into a widely known and appreciated category of Christian education.

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We invite everyone to join us at the table of a movement that thousands of parents have come to love and support.

Classical Christian schools have been called a “pearl of great price” in education: greatly valued by those who understand its potential, but largely unrecognized by those who do not. Our schools are different because they start with different goals.

Target—Western Civilization

“A new ruling class wishes to preside over our liberties, and through a deliberate one-hundred-year project, we are now at the point where the philosophy of Howard Zinn and the critical race theorists has completely captured our children’s classrooms and is seeping into almost every institution in America. The only question that remains is … do we have the courage to take it all back? This question is vital to our children’s future.”
~ The Miseducation of America


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